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PhysicianCare offers several onsite services so that additional trips to other facilities are eliminated.

Certified LaboratoryCystoscopy
X-Rays Urinary Incontinence Studies
Diagnostic UltrasoundNerve Conduction Studies
Bone Density MeasurementUltrasound
EKGMinor Surgery
Holter monitor 

PhysicianCare is a medical-surgical group founded on the concept of providing "Total family Care." The organization is made up of primary care physicians and specialists who work together to achieve this goal. Total family care is made possible by the various general specialty services offered by our physicians. For an appointment, please call (570) 265-6300.


Welcome to PhysicianCare.
We believe that providing exceptional health care means forming long-term professional relationships with our patients.
This doctor/patient & staff relationship is built through mutual trust and professional ethics. In essence, we care about you and your family's medical needs and will strive to exceed your expectations..

Lawrence Tama, M.D. FACS President



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